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Best 5 GHz Smart Plugs: These plugs are compatible with 5GHz WiFi

Smart plugs that work with 5ghz is hard to find. You may find few that claim about 5g WiFi Compatible but actually doesn’t work at all. Then our team digs deep into the web market to find out the best smart plugs that work with a 5GHz WiFi network. 5GHz network has a strong connection but short-range than 2.4 GHz networks. That shouldn’t be a problem for smart home users. Well, after digging deep we found that Leviton¬†Mini Smart Plug is the best choice for a 5GHz network. Still, there are the 3 best choices for you to choose from.

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Best 5 GHz smart plugs of 2020

NameFeaturesConsBest for
Leviton Mini Smart PlugVoice command, vacation mode, easy to connect with any WiFiDoesn’t have energy monitoringOverall
Sengled Smart PlugVoice command, Schedule, easy to connect with any WiFiRequires HubHub user
Globe Electric Smart PlugVoice command, Schedule, Automatic Scene modeTake time to connectBudget

Leviton Mini Smart Plug

  • Voice Command with Alexa and Google Home
  • 15A max current output.
  • Vacation Mode
  • Remote control by My Leviton App
  • 5 Years warranty

  • Easy to connect with Any WiFi
  • Best 5GHz WiFi supported Smart plug
  • Decent feature
  • Better customer support
  • Energy monitoring is missing

Leviton mini Smart plug is the only smart plug in the market that directly connect with the 5GHz wifi network without any hub or changing the network band. And, the design is very sleek and thin. So, it doesn’t block other outlets. Also, stay strong in the outlet.

As I said, it connects with any WiFi network. First, you need to download My Leviton app then search for this smart plug. After getting the device to connect it with WiFi by putting a WiFi user name and password. There is no hassle to connect at all. And, you don’t need any hub to connect with WiFI.

With the app, you can turn on and off the device for sure. Also, you can schedule to OFF/ON the device as well. Also, there is a vacation mode to randomly turn on and off the device. As well as, it works with your voice command through Alexa or google home voice assistant. Both way it is very easy to integrate. And, it takes voice command smoothly as well.

This smart plug can provide 15A power output. So, any electric device that requires less than 15A should be work fine with this smart plug. They suggest to use 3/4 HP or less powered motor with this smart plug.

So, if you are looking for 5 GHz smart plug for google home or Alexa this one is the idea and best choice for without any doubt.

Sengled Smart Plug

  • Alexa and Google home voice command supported.
  • Remote control by sengled smart plug.
  • Requires hub to connect with Any WiFi
  • Provides 15A maximum power.

  • Supports 5Ghz WiFi network
  • Works with smart things, Alexa, Sengled, Google home
  • Easy to use
  • Decent feature
  • Requires hub to connect

This smart plug also works with 5 GHz WiFi but it requires a hub. Design-wise, it looks very good though. But due to large size if it can block other outlets if there have any.

So, in order to connect with WiFi, it requires latest Sengled Hub. After that using Sengled App you connect this device with any WiFi network including 5 GHz as well. After connecting with the WiFi you can remote control this smart plug for many features. Including schedule turn on and off. As well as turn on/OFF the plug.

And as far as you are connected with internet you can control this smart plug from anywhere as like other best smart plugs. Also, it supports popular voice assistant Google Home and Alexa.

But, as you know this is not a plug and play smart plug. If you are not using any other smart home device from sengled this hub will cost extra money from you. I strongly recommend to get this smart plug if you already have other sengled smart home device and hub. Or if you need multiple smart plug and switch.

Globe Electric Wi-Fi Smart Plug

  • Alexa, Google home voice command support
  • Affordable price
  • 15A maximum power output
  • Remote control by Globe suite app
  • Affordable price
  • Voice command support with Google and Alexa
  • 5GHz WiFi support
  • Easy to use
  • Away mode and energy monitoring feature missing

This is the least popular smart plug of this list. But we introduce to you the newest things which have great potential and a good future. This is one of them. Although I am not totally convinced enough with it yet.

This compact design smart plug doesn’t take too much space in the outlet. So, if you want to use another device that shouldn’t be problem. And it can connect with 5GHz WiFi but there is a trick.

First you need to turn off the 5GHz option and connect with the 2.4GHz network then go back to 5GHz network. So, if your router doesn’t allow you to turn off 5GHz band then it’ll surely not work. But if your router support then this can be best smart plug option for you.

They have their own app called Glove Suite App. With this app you can connect with WiFi and remote control the plug. And, this app you can download from iOS or Android app store.

With the app you can remotely turn On/Off the device with schedule option as well. But for extra it has scene option. Where you can set special command based on temperature, time and many condition. That can be best option.

Still, there is no away mode or energy monitoring system in this app. But, it works with Alexa, Google Home voice command smoothly. And, you can use any electric device that requires 15 A power.

Although this is not the best smart plug but as far as you are talking about 5 GHz WiFi compatible smart plug this is one of the best option you have.

How Connect Any Smart Plug with 5GHz WiFi Network?

Most of the smart plug in the market are compatible with 2.4 GHz WiFi. No matter how many times you try it won’t connect with 5 GHz WiFi network. But there is two solutions to connect your existing smart plug with 5GHz WiFi.

Turning off 5 GHz

If your dual band router support turning off one band then that can be a solution. Just turn OFF 5 GHz and connect with 2.4 GHz WiFi. After connection done go back to 5GHz. Most of the smart plug you can connect with this way. As I mentioned our 3 product of this best 5GHz smart plug list.

Not all the smart plugs work with this method.

Create a distance during connection

5 GHz WiFi network has a stronger connection but a short-range than 2.4 GHz. If you go away from the 5 GHz range and try to connect then it might be work. I know it sounds crazy but it should work.

Does 5Ghz WiFi go through wall?

No, it can not. 5Ghz Wifi can make strong connection between short range. But it can not penetrate walls. That is why you have to use 5Ghz smart plug and WiFi router in the same room.

Can 2.4 Ghz device connect with 5GHz?

Well, you need a dual-band support device to connect with 5Ghz. Or a dual-band router that can supply a 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz network. But, if you are talking about a smart plug then there is another option to connect devices with WiFi. If you are using a HUB connection like Sengled then connecting with 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz is not a big issue at all.

Is there any TP-link 5Ghz smart plug?

I am afraid they did not make any 5Ghz compatible smart plug yet. But we all can hope a better 5Ghz smart plug from them in future.

Is there any 5Ghz smart plug for Alexa?

Yes, the Leviton Mini Smart plug on this list works perfectly with Alexa home automation system. Actually most of the device works smoothly with Alexa. As well as this Leviton smart plug which is also the best 5Ghz smart plug till now.

Is there any 5Ghz smart plug for google home?

Well, many of you are doing google home based automation. So, it is important for you to know that is there any 5Ghz smart plug for you or not. I am happy to inform you that all of these smart plugs in this list can work with google home smart home automation.

Is there any 5Ghz smart plug for Apple homekit?

Sorry to say but, there is no 5Ghz WiFi compatible smart plug for apple homekit yet. But, it is just matter of time to see ton of 5Ghz smart plug in the market that works with Apple Homekit.

That was our quick list of best smart plugs with 5 GHz WiFi compatibility. I hope you got your solution. But, one thing I should admit that, there is very few 5Ghz smart plug available in the market right now. I hope it will increase by the time. Maybe you will get better option to choose best 5Ghz smart plug for yourself.

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