Blink Mini Review: A cheap security camera from Amazon

The smart home security camera is getting better day by day. Under Alexa home assistant amazon introducing its own device into the market to creates its own ecosystem. But, getting something cheap but yet good in quality is a kind of tricky thing to achieve. Well, that is what blink mini indoor security camera is! So, let’s break down this latest smart indoor security camera from Blink.

If you are doing Alexa based home automation then this security camera may be best suitable for you. Read the full review to get an idea about it.

Blink Mini Features

Before checkout the details you should see the features that gonna help you to decide that do you really need this device or not.

  • Works with Alexa voice assistant.
  • Two-way audio system.
  • 1080p resolution video recording capability.
  • Motion Detecting sensor.
  • Night vision available.
  • plug and play easy installation system.

Well now let’s move into the details review.


Blink Mini Design

As usual from the name, you already guess that this is the mini version of their standard indoor camera. This white color camera tiny in size as I addressed but looks very good. It seems just like a web camera. Since it works with USB power, people will never think of it as a security camera. But the outer body made out of plastic. That may be a concern for durability. But, since it uses indoor, it shouldn’t be that much problem. And it is also very lightweight.

Blink Mini Setup: Easiest AF

Well, like other security you don’t have to do a lot of work to setup this indoor security camera.

First of all, you have connect the power. For that reason it comes with own power adapter. This is like simple USB Adapters. Takes less than 0.15 A current to run. So make sure to connect power in any good electricity source.

It comes with own stand and two other mount screw. So you can mount it any suitable place where you want to.

After that physical setup part is almost done. Now here comes the apps part.

So, you need blink home app to setup blink mini. If you already have this app then it will be more easy to setup. Otherwise install that app and create an account their.

Now follow these instruction one by one

  1. Open Blink home app and click on Add Icon. Then select mini camera from the list.
  2. Then, it will ask for QR code scan that you will find back of the camera. Scan the QR code to further proceed.
  3. After that, you can setup the camera name for better control.
  4. Now press and hold reset button for 5 second. That will reset old connection and ready for new connection.
  5. Then, you will see blue light blinking and green light is steady.
  6. After that, you can click on discover device option.
  7. Well now it will ask to connect to the home wifi network. Do that and your setup is done.

And, now you can see the camera control option in your blink app. Also if you connect your blink app with Alexa home assistant it can be controlled through the voice assistant.


Blink mini runs on AC1002B 4 cores CPU. That runs on wifi at 2.4 GHz. if your wifi network doesn’t provide 2.4Ghz wifi then it may not be able to connect this device. Also, you will need 2Mbps or more internet speed to record and stream video from blink mini indoor security cameras.

This smart indoor security camera runs on the app as I said. But supports iOS 10.3, Android 5.0, or Fire OS 5.1 or above the phone to connect.

Since you can remotely monitor acclivities through this camera. It will allow you one step further benefit. You can talk with the person who is in front of that camera. That’s why it has two built-in speakers in it. That is a great option for monitoring your indoor. Especially if you have kids and you remain concerned while you are outside for work or other purposes. Now you can monitor your kids while talking with them also.

And, you can start recording and stop record through Alexa voice command. And if you have echo show then you can also play recorded footage through voice command.

Camera: 1080 p sharp recording capability

The main feature is of course the camera and its recording capability. This small indoor security camera is able to record 1080P resolution video with 30 frames per second.

Blink Mini Camera recording

And, if it is dark this camera still can record video with night vision technology. This feature usually seems in a high-quality outdoor camera. It is very good to have such an incredible feature in this small budget indoor camera.

Well, this camera can capture 110° wide-angle video. That may cover the entire front section of any room. It should be enough to cover your room.

Alert you with motion detection system

Maybe you are not at home somebody entered your home for bad purposes. This camera will automatically detect any unusual movement and give you an alert to take action. You will get that alert through your smartphone. But make sure your phone internet is on.

That may help you to save your house from being stolen or other unusual damages.

Cloud Storage for save video footage

This is may not seem that much fun. In my eyes, this is the only deal-breaker. It doesn’t have local storage capability in it. But, if you think twice in this small price range that is almost impossible thing to demand.

But, don’t worry you will get free trial till december 2020 for this product. After that it will take 3$ per month.

Also, very soon their will be Local storage option available for this device.


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