Wemo Mini Wifi Smart plug

Wemo Mini Smart plug: Allround smart plug for your home automation

Wemo Mini Smart Plug is from a company called Belkin which is why it names after Belkin smart plug too. It is one of the best smart plug in the market right now. With its compact size, reasonable price, and solid build quality it is like tom cruise of the smart plug market. So, here I am to break down every single point about Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug. Including how to install and short review of every single product and more.

I always say, smart plug is the cheapest solution for home automation. And, when you got a smart plug that can connect with all kinds of home automation system then you are in huge luck. That is what this Wemo Mini WiFi smart plug is! After reading this, I hope you will get answer for every questions about this smart plugs.

WeMo Mini Smart Plug Review

Wemo Mini is the smaller version of their Wemo Smart plug. And, this is one of the most popular smart plugs in the market. As well as Best Smart Plug for Apple Home. However, you need more to know about it.

Design and build quality

From the name, you can guess the size. Yes, it is compact and well fitted in the outlet. Also, does not block other outlets as well. And, there is a circular shaped switch button to power off and on the device. All I can say is, this is the best compact design among all the models. Also, very strong in build quality too. The socket is made out of high-quality copper for the best interrupt free current flow.


Wemo mini has its own app for remotely control your devices. With this app, you can do certain things that going to make you dump electronics smart enough to bring extra comfort in your life.

Such as schedule mode; suppose, you are tired in daylong work and coming back home. What if your coffee machine makes your coffee just before you get into the house? That must reduce your tiredness and charm you instantly. In the same way, you can schedule to control the light, fan, or any other electronic devices in your home.

Well, another important feature of this app is, Away mode. By setting this, it will automatically turn on certain devices while you are away from home. That helps to prevent stealing home while you are enjoying a happy vacation with your family.

Also, you can control devices from anywhere as long as you are connected with internet.


This is one of those smart plugs that can work with all kinds of popular home automation systems. Of course, it works with Alexa home automation system, as well as Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Smart things, IFTTT. You can integrate with any of these home automation systems without hassling too much. Then, you can control your device with a voice command as well.

  • Small compact design
  • Easy to connect with every home automation system
  • Comparatively better current output
  • They have their own app that has every feature that you may seek
  • Energy monitoring is missing in this device
  • For the best outcome, you must update firmware

Well, this is not the number one smart plug in the market. However it has a sweet combination between price and features as well as user experience too. Especially if you are using apple based home automation then there is no one in the market that can compete with Wemo Mini Smart plug.

Wemo mini smart plug setup

Well, now it is time to give you wemo mini smart plug instructions. And, that just start with how to set up Wemo mini smart plug. These smart plugs are very easy to setup that for sure. However you still need to know how to do this. So, follow the bellow instruction step by step.

  • Connect your Wemo Mini Smart plug with any outlet.
  • After that, press the power button to start.
  • Then press and hold to reset the Wemo mini Smart plug. In case there is any old setting remain.
  • And, now your Smart plug will blink white and red. That means it is not connected yet.
  • After that download the Wemo Mini App. And create an account.
  • Then open the App and press the add a Wemo button. Then you have to select Smart plug. Then search for the Wemo Mini WiFi network. And, connect that.
  • Well, now it is time to name your Smart plug according to what kind of device you are going to use on this plug. In this case, Let’s just name it coffee maker.
  • After you do that it will require your internet WiFi network connection. Then connect that.
  • It may take a few minutes, keep patience.
  • Finally, when you successfully do these steps you will see no blinking light in the plug. Instead of that, it will be white. That means you are connected.

We have done setting up a Wemo mini smart plug. But if you need to do voice command then there is one another step you have to do. That is connecting with a smart speaker device such as google home or Alexa or something else in this category. It is time to know how to do that.

How to setup Wemo mini smart plug with google home

If you are doing Google Home based home automation system then it is necessary to setup your Wemo Mini Wifi Plug with google home for comfortable remote control. To do that, you have to follow above procedure first. After than you need to do following steps:

  1. Obviously, you need to install the google home app on your phone.
  2. After that open the app and click on the plus icon that appears on the top left side of the screen.
  3. Then tap on Set up device
  4. Since, you have already set up it with wemo, now just tap on  Have something already set up?
  5. Then you will see Wemo on the list. It will ask for Wemo account login.
  6. After login it will ask for allowing access to wemo devices. Allow it.
  7. Then it will show all lnked devices from Wemo. Now choose  Wemo Mini Smart plug from that. \
  8. After that, name the device as you did before in above and select the room location. Location is important if you setup same device in multiple rooms.
  9. Then just Ask, Okay google, “Turn on the light”,
  10. If you done everything correct then it should be work.

How to setup Wemo mini smart plug with Alexa

Alexa is the most popular home automation system with a wide range of product choosing options. I am not certain about this but most of the time people are using the Alexa home automation system just because of its large number of supported products. So, let me tell you how can you connect your Wemo mini smart plug with your very own home automation system. As you can guess, first you need to set up your smart plug with Wemo App then follow these steps.

  • You obviously have the latest Alexa app
  • Now you can say, “Alexa, scan for devices”
  • Or, Just go to the Alexa app, then tap on the device icon
  • Now tap on your smart home skill.
  • Then tap on Enable smart home skill.
  • After that, tap on the search icon and search for Wemo
  • Now, wemo should appear and select that.
  • And, then tap on Enable for use
  • Now, it will ask for Wemo login credentials. Do that and login into the Wemo account.
  • Then give Alexa access to your wemo devices by tapping the allow access button.
  • Now, tap on Discover devices. You should see all the Wemo devices you have on that list.
  • After that, select Wemo Mini Smart plug from that list.
  • Here you go, your device is connected with Alexa. You can test for once to see it everything is alright or not.

How to setup Wemo mini smart plug with Apple HomeKit

With the early generation Wemo Smart plug connecting Apple HomeKit was pretty much hassle. But they have solved the issue with their second generation smart plug. And, I will recommend you this second generation for apple HomeKit. Nowadays there are lot of people doing Apple HomeKit based home automation system. One of the best tech company is now focusing on smart home solution very much. As a result, it is now one of the popular home automation system in the world. So, without further ado, let me give you instruction how to set up Wemo Mini smart plug with Apple HomeKit. Well, as you know, you need to set up with Wemo app first in order to create smooth bridge between Wemo and Apple HomeKit. After that you need to follow these steps.

  • First, launch Wemo app and click on the More icon that appears on the bottom right corner.
  • Then. tap on Connect To Our Smart Home Partners. It may ask for accessing wemo home data. click okay if it wants.
  • After that, tap on Apple Home App and get started.
  • If you already connected with Wemo Bridge then your device should appear there. Or you can connect directly with Apple Home app.
  • You will see all the Wemo devices on the Apple Home App, then connect your Smart plug from the list.
  • After that, click on continue and it should be connected with Apple Home.
  • Now you can personalize your Wemo Mini Smart plug by selecting a room and giving it a name for better voice control.
  • Setup done.

I hope that was all you could ask according to the setup issue. If you follow the instructions perfectly you will be able to connect your smart plug. Since it is too easy for smart people like you I think this is enough explanation for that. However there are a few things that you may concern. Well, let me help you with that too.

wemo mini smart plug setup problems

If you face any problem to setup Wemo mini smart plug then first thing you need to do is reboot the device. How can you do that? Well, first connect your device to a outlet. Then press and hold power button for about 20 second until you see the blink of white light. Then turn of your home wifi network and try again. It should be connect now.

Other problem you could face to setup is firmware problem. For that go to the setting option of Wemo App then click on firmware update after update complete it should connect smoothly.

wemo mini smart plug support: How good it is?

Before purchasing any devices you must seek good support. Wemo provides extraordinary after-sale support whether you need help to connect devices or any other issue you are facing. For a quick solution, you can read the FAQs they have added. Yet you can call them, or do a live chat through their website. All I can say is, they are dedicated to satisfying their customers as much good as possible from their end.


Now it is time for answering most asked questions about Wemo mini smart plugs.

What is the wemo mini Smart Plug?

Wemo mini smart plug is a compact size smart plug with less price from Belkin. That allows you to connect any dump device and make it smart. By saying smart, you can control device via your voice command or mobile app.

How do I install wemo mini Smart Plug?

Connect your Wemo mini smart plug with outlet then follow above instructions that I have provided in details.

How do I reset my wemo mini Smart Plug?

Connect your Wemo Mini Smart Plug with outlet then press the power button. And, hold it for 20 second until you see rapid blinking of white light.

Why is my wemo blinking orange?

That means your WiFi detected Wemo Mini plug but it is not connected or unable to connect. So, you can not access this device from your App anymore. In case of this situation you can reset the device and try again.

Does wemo mini work on 5ghz?

No, this is not possible yet. But, I hope Wemo will come with 5Ghz WiFi connection in the third generation Wemo Mini Smart Plug. You can check our list of smart plugs that are compatible with 5GHz Wifi.

Is wemo compatible with Apple home?

Yes, Wemo is compatible with Apple Home smart home solution.

Can’t connect wemo mini to Homekit?

In this case, reset your Wemo mini smart plug and try it again by following above steps that I have provided.


If you are looking any affordable budget smart plug that works with all kind of home automation system I think there is no other competitor of Wemo Mini. It is compact in size yet holds every necessary features that you could ask for.

Although, energy monitoring system is not available in this device. But that may add some money to the plug. Thinking about that, they avoid that for sure.

In general, Wemo mini is one of the most popular smart plugs in the market right now. If you want buy it then buy it without having any hiccup. I can assure you will be well satisfied with their after sale service as well as good features.

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